Miller Swivels- Types, Use and Selection Guide - review of the categories of swivels Y-Link, Econo-Link, HD-Link, g-Link, Pengo and Hydro-Link.

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NEW! Swivel Cross-Reference- A handy cross-reference for angular contact ball bearing (ACBB) wire rope swivels. ACCB swivels are a Miller invention and this guide lets you know how they line up with other types available on the market.

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Y-LINK Angular contact ball bearing swivels - our best all around swivel. For loads from 0.45 to 100 tons. 5:1 design factor with 54 configurations for the widest selection of swivels in the industry. Higher load capacities by request.

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ECONO-LINK standard thrust bearing swivels - Low initial price and long service life provide outstanding value. 4:1 design factor in six popular configurations to 15 tons working load.

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HYDRO-LINK & HYDRO-LINK/HP stainless steel swivels - Ideal for corrosive environments including marine applications. Submersible to 1850 fathoms. Designs to fit your application.

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G-LINK angular contact ball bearing swivels - These swivels provide 2.5 to 4 times the overhaul weight as our Y-Link swivel without an increase in overall length. Ideal for small truck-mounted cranes. For 1.5 to 8.5 ton working loads.

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HD-LINK angular contact ball bearing swivels -The HD series features a heavy duty barrel for longer life in demolition and other high impact applications. For 5 to 35 ton loads standard with higher capacities available.

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Miller-PENGO line pulling swivels - Machined from solid alloy steel with integrated shank and angular contact ball bearings. For pulling loads to 100,000 lbs. 90° connector links also available.

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Miller Custom Y-Link Swivel Request Form

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