Miller SOLID-BALL® Headache Ball Assemblies are the only overhaul ball assemblies on the market which use a long-life, multiple angular contact ball bearing swivel, as opposed to a single thrust bearing swivel. Mounted above the ball, this low friction swivel prevents both load and ball from spinning. Miller's unique Y-Link® angular contact bearing swivel with direct lubrication fitting assures smooth operation and the longest working life by far. Standard working loads are available to 35 tons with overhaul weights up to 1450 lbs. 5:1 design factor. Available with eye, clevis, or with Miller's exclusive integrated wedge socket connection.

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Miller "Swiveler" Compact Overhaul Ball Assemblies equipped with Miller Econo-Link® thrust bearing swivels. These economical, low profile units allow 3 ton to 15 ton working loads with 35 to 575 lbs. of overhaul weight. Miller Swiveler Compact Overhaul Balls are available with clevis or eye connections. 4:1 design factor.

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Miller g-link Swivel Overhaul Assemblies feature Miller Y-Link® angular contact bearing swivels and provide a way to add modest amounts of overhaul weight without increasing overall length. These rugged, low-profile units have working loads up to 8.5 tons and are ideal for truck mounted cranes. 5:1 design factor.

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Miller Split Ball assemblies provide a convenient way to quickly add the necessary weight directly to the wire rope at any point. Split balls are available in 20, 50 and 100 pound models.

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